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FOG 6000 Puffs Pre-filled Vape Pod Kit

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Introducing the IPLAY FOG, a pre-filled vape pod kit designed for a satisfying experience with an impressive 6000 puffs. Stay immersed in your vaping journey as this innovative kit features a smart battery indicator, keeping you informed about your battery capacity for extended sessions. Discover the art of timing your charges to maximize your enjoyment.


Embrace variety with our assortment of ten replaceable vape pod flavors, including Ice Mint, Clear, Watermelon, Royal Raspberry, Peachy Berry, Strawkiwica, Sour Orange Raspberry, Grape Berry Gum, Lychee Rasp Blast, and Mango Ice Cream. The options are endless, catering to every vaper’s palate.


Each vape pod boasts a generous 12ml of e-liquid infused with 5% nicotine salt, delivering a refined and pleasurable experience. Enhanced by a 1.2Ω mesh coil, expect nothing less than a velvety-smooth vaping encounter. With a resilient 700mAh battery, your vaping pleasure lasts longer than you might anticipate. With the convenient type-C charging port, your vaping journey can be effortlessly revitalized anytime, anywhere.

  • Size: 83.2*47*28mm
  • E-liquid: 12ml
  • Puffs: 6000
  • Battery: 700mAh
  • Nicotine Salt: 5%
  • Resistence: 1.2Ω Mesh Coil
  • Charging Port: Type-C
  • Indicator: Battery Display Screen
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    The Reveal of Vaping Mystery – IPLAY FOG Prefilled Pod Kit

    What does fog remind you of? Ethereality, Density, and primarily, a touch of mystery. IPLAY FOG 6000 Puffs Prefilled Pod Kit is designed to break such a stereotype. Beyond providing an unparalleled vaping journey, this device offers users a tangible path to a modern lifestyle, making it an ultimate choice for those seeking to embrace the vaping experience.


    Unparalleled Features Matching an Stunning Experience

    As a prefilled pod kit, IPLAY FOG embodies with a smart battery indicator, and a rechargeable 700mAh built-in battery via a convenient type-C port. Within each prefilled disposable pod lies a generous 12ml e-juice infused with 5% nicotine, perfect for the avid vaping enthusiast. The device, powered by a 1.2Ω mesh coil, guarantees dense clouds and an impressive 6000 puffs, providing users with an extraordinary and enduring vaping experience.


    Quick Ignition, Full Control

    Seamless and quick, IPLAY FOG ignites the moment you insert the pod, granting you immediate control over your vaping journey. Additionally, we provide an alternate version of the device equipped with a childproof mechanism, ensuring a sense of security and empowering you with the freedom to make conscious choices. Your vaping experience, your way.


    Efficient Charging with Real-Time Monitoring

    IPLAY FOG incorporates a type-C charging port, ensuring swift and convenient revival of your device. The inclusion of a smart screen on the device guarantees you have a visual representation of the charging progress, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to regain your joy with utmost ease. Stay informed and in control throughout the charging process.


    Elegant Hues, Flavorful Choices

    Discover the perfect fusion of aesthetics and taste with IPLAY FOG’s vibrant color options. The blue design embodies the essence of Royal Raspberry, while the white shield complements Peachy Berry, and the green shade symbolizes Ice Mint. Whichever color you choose, you’re embraced by a remarkable sense of fashion. Additionally, other tastes are at your disposal – Grape Berry Gum, Mango Ice Cream, Lychee Rasp Blast, Clear, Strawkiwica, and Sour Orange Raspberry. IPLAY ensures an exciting flavor journey for every preference.


    Uninterrupted Vaping Pleasure with Lasting Capacity

    Opting for IPLAY FOG is a decision you won’t regret, as each pod offers an astounding 6000 puffs, ensuring an unending vaping experience. Enjoy prolonged and uninterrupted vaping pleasure, making IPLAY FOG the ultimate choice for those seeking a lasting and refreshing time with every draw.


    Reliable 700mAh Battery for Extended Enjoyment

    In the world of electronic devices, the battery is paramount. IPLAY FOG is equipped with a robust 700mAh lithium-ion battery, ensuring an extended vaping enjoyment beyond your expectations. With this dependable power source, grab a pod that will accompany you through a full series of satisfying vaping sessions, making IPLAY FOG your trusted companion for enduring pleasure.


    Experience Cloud Density with the Mesh Coil

    The key to dense clouds lies in the coil. IPLAY FOG 6000 Puffs Prefilled Pod Kit leverages a high-performance 1.2Ω mesh coil, allowing the device to rapidly heat the e-juice without any obstructions. Users will instantly fall in love with the voluminous clouds produced from the very first puff, ensuring a remarkable and satisfying vaping experience.


    A Vaping Revolution Unfolds with IPLAY FOG

    In the pursuit of the perfect vapor, IPLAY FOG 6000 Puffs Prefilled Pod Kit leads a trending revolution. This exceptional device encapsulates the epitome of dense flavor, voluminous clouds, eco-friendliness, and a superior overall vaping experience. Designed to elevate your journey, IPLAY FOG sets a new standard in the realm of prefilled pod kits, promising a vaping adventure that’s both trendsetting and unforgettable.



    1*IPLAY FOG 6000 Prefilled Pod Kit
    Middle Box: 10pcs/pack
    Quantity: 240pcs/carton
    Weight: 19.5kg
    Carton Size: 49*42.5*24cm
    CBM/CTN: 0.05mᶟ


    WARNING: The product is for adults(21+) only, who are existing smokers/vapers.

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