2021 IECIE Atomization Technology Exhibition

IPLAYVAPE launched new products with high-end technology and nice workmanship at the IECIE exhibition on 6th December. And we also hope that we could give visitors a directly and deeply feeling via this exhibition.


The area of the whole exhibition is 60,000 square meters and attracted more than 2,500 brands to participate in this exhibition, and covers the chain of upstream and downstream in the e-cigarettes industry. There were 20,000 visitors attend the Expo in the first day.


There are many brands gathered to show us the unprecedented exhibition. But IPLAYVAPE ,as a well-known brand in the E-cigarettes industry, not only take a lot of time on exhibition setup, but also on production development. So that new products could catch eyes and there are so many visitors around the IPLAY booth with hot atmosphere.


In recent years, IPLAYVAPE always improving their workmanship and technology to meet the needs of market. Due to these spirit, IPLAYVAPE gain recognition from more and more clients, and more and more vapers would like to know about this brand. IPLAYVAPE will put the users in the first place, and depends on the product matrix. With the end of IECIE Shenzhen exhibition, means IPLAYVAPE exhibition done successfully.


At the same time, IPLAYVAPE will stay true to the mission, to do their best in the E-cigarettes industry.


Post time: Dec-10-2021