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With 4 years experience in vape industry ,We have the capability and R&D resources to make any OEM/ODM success!

Shenzhen Iplayvape Technology Co.,Ltd is an extremely versatile China manufacturer with the ability to bring your concepts and ideas into viable computing solutions.

We work with individuals and companies at all stages of design and manufacture, from concept to finish, in a highly focused effort to bring industry level products and services to you.

Once customer provides us with concept information and detailed specifications, we will notify them of the total cost for design, prototyping, and estimated cost per unit before the project begins.

IPLAY will work with customers until they are satisfied and all original design requirements are met, and the product performs exactly to customers' expectations.

OEM/ODM Services

In order to meet the market's demand and provide the suitable solution, IPLAY VAPE offers board level and system level customized design and integration service for the vape market.



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