Disposable pod vs Refillable pod

Let’s be honest, shopping for vapes can be confusing! Will you like disposable pod or refillable pod ?You should know why you want to vape, but which device is best for you?


Let’s see Pros and Cons of disposable pod and refillable pod.

Disposable pod

Pros:Easy to use ;More flavors;Unit Price lower

Disposable pod is the most convenient choice. These devices come pre loaded with electronic liquids – no filling, no buying your own juice. Your disposable electronic cigarette contains a fully charged and usable battery. All you have to do is take the electronic cigarette out of the package and start atomizing. When the battery is dead, you only need to discard the device (a disposable e-cigarette is equivalent to about one or two packs of cigarettes). These electronic cigarettes are small, portable, easy to transport, easy to use, and zero maintenance for you.

Cons:Not environmentally friendly

For all the benefits of disposable pod, there are many reasons why most users do not use them as the main method of using electronic cigarettes. Compared with rechargeable battery, in the long run, the cost of disposable electronic cigarette is higher. You can’t change e-juice in most disposable products, either. The disposable electronic cigarette does not come with charger and other accessories, and the battery life is limited. Some users think that the disposable electronic cigarette is not as environmentally friendly as the rechargeable option, or they are not as durable or robust as the rechargeable device at all.

Refillable Pod


If keeping your environmental footprint as light as possible is important to you, then you may want to choose refillable pod. Instead of disposing of it when the pod dies, you’ll simply refill and continue using the same device. This makes refillable pods, vape pods, and other devices not only more eco-friendly but more cost-effective as well. These devices also generally have interchangeable cartridges, meaning that you can try a wider variety of flavours and nicotine strengths.


Refillable require more work than disposable pod (but still far less than the complex vape MOD). You must regularly charge and replace the battery box ( it contains the selected electronic liquid). This means that these devices are not easy to “steal”, but some products provide portable charging boxes, so that they can be used as quickly and easily as possible. Because refillable pods are usually of high quality and come with chargers and other accessories, the upfront cost is higher (although they tend to be lower over time).


Post time: Jun-10-2020