2021 The Sinatra Christmas Album


Hi everyone,Christmas coming soon,and we are very happy to show you our office during Christmas.Please follow me.


Look at the Christmas tree designed by us,and it made the whole room more festive.And we made use of this box to put apple.In China,apple means safety and healthy.What gifts do you give on Christmas Eve?


Now it is time to exchange gifts and create a surprises for our friends in the Christmas Eve.

Besides,Iplay new products has been launched — Iplay Box.


It has the largest capacity of all our products so far,It’s so amazing!The model likes flagon,and it will create supper large smog when you vaping. Ten flavors available.Are you ready for taste them?


Take a look at the amazing snacks we’ve prepared,very nice right?

In the end of the year,please give yourselves a healthier smoking lifestyle this Christmas.

Merry Christmas, not just on Christmas day.

Post time: Dec-24-2021