IPLAY Vino Plus 1000puffs Disposable Pod

Short Description:

10 Flavors:
①Hami melon
②Mango Ice
③Pineapple Ice
④Sour Apple
⑤Mixed Berries
⑥Cool Mint
⑦Peach Ice
⑧Cola Ice
⑨Lychee Ice
⑩Grape Soda

  • Puffs: 1000puffs
  • Battery: 650mah
  • Eliquid: 3.5ml
  • Weight: 40g
  • Size: 20*106mm
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    IPLAY Vino Plus Disposable Pod 1000puffs with 650mah battery ,3.5ML e liquid, 10 flavors.

    -Hami melon
    -Mango Ice
    -Pineapple Ice
    -Sour Apple
    -Mixed Berries
    -Cool Mint
    -Peach Ice
    -Cola Ice
    -Lychee Ice
    -Grape Soda

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